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Our nurses come to your home and are available 24/7. No traveling necessary.

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Your challenges are private and we make sure to keep them that way.

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We work with you to customize your treatment plan to suit your needs.

Physician Oversight

Every detox program is overseen by a Medical Doctor.

Private & Safe Drug & Alcohol Detox South Carolina

You’re in South Carolina. It’s a beautiful state: the mountains touch the sky and the ocean hugs the land. It’s a place full of history and life, where every corner has a story.

But there’s a tough side to this beautiful picture – a lot of people are fighting a battle against substance abuse. It’s a problem that’s gotten worse with the opioid crisis, especially in the last few years since the pandemic hit.

Maybe you or someone you care about is in the middle of this fight, trying to find a way out. It’s not just something you hear about in the news – it’s real life, and it’s happening right here, right now, to people all around us.

The Scary Numbers of Substance Abuse in South Carolina

This battle is the reality for many within our communities. According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), the state has witnessed a concerning rise in drug overdose death.

Between 2020 and 2021, South Carolina saw a significant increase in such tragedies. The overdose deaths climbed from 1,734 to 2,168 deaths. Alcohol is a big issue in the state as well: About 16.2% of South Carolina residents are binge drinkers.

Stories Beyond the Numbers

Each number in these statistics represents a human story — a family member, a friend, a neighbor who was stuck in the grip of addiction and didn’t make it out.

We see all these individual stories and want to provide a solution that makes recovery easier and more comfortable than ever: the home detox.

The Drug and Alcohol Home Detox

Our in home drug and alcohol detox in South Carolina isn’t just about surviving the storm of addiction. The detox can be a way to a new life.

Haruki Murakami once said, “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” 

This beautiful quote mirrors the journey of recovery. You will be transformed and will be able to live a life that you might have already given up on. But it is never too late to change things and you are the only person who can save yourself.

Take the first step to saving your own life by reaching out to us and scheduling a free consultation. Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our At Home Detox in South Carolina

What’s the detox experience like at home?

Expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms during your at home drug detox or your at home alcohol detox. These can vary, depending on the addiction’s nature. Our professional healthcare providers manage these symptoms, at times using medications. When you choose to do your at home detox with us, you can also expect to be surrounded by our own comfortable home environment as well as having a nurse by your side, 24/7.

How does one initiate in-home detox?

The journey starts by consulting with us – your in home detox expert. This important conversation lays the groundwork for a personalized at home detox plan. At Detox Concierge, we marry medical oversight with supportive services – all tailored to your specific situation, of course.

What does it feel like when you are detoxing?

Detoxing, particularly from illegal substances or alcohol, can evoke a mix of physical and emotional reactions. These might include anxiety, irritability, physical discomfort, and cravings. When you decide to do an in home detox with Detox Concierge, we’ll be by your side to get you through it safely.

Service Areas:

  • In Home Detox Charleston
  • In Home Detox Columbia
  • In Home Detox North Charleston
  • In Home Detox Mount Pleasant
  • In Home Detox Rock Hill
  • In Home Detox Greenville
  • In Home Detox Summerville
  • In Home Detox Sumter
  • In Home Detox Hilton Head Island
  • In Home Detox Florence
  • In Home Detox Spartanburg
  • In Home Detox Goose Creek
  • In Home Detox Aiken
  • In Home Detox Myrtle Beach
  • In Home Detox Anderson
  • In Home Detox Greer
  • In Home Detox Mauldin
  • In Home Detox Greenwood
  • In Home Detox North Augusta
  • In Home Detox Easley
  • and more…

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