Your sobriety means the world to you. To ensure that you stay sober, you know you need a little more help before you rejoin the world. We have a solution for you. Alliance Sober Homes can provide you with high-quality sober living Phoenix, AZ facilities.

What is a sober living facility?

A sober living facility serves as a transition for a patient leaving an inpatient facility. They live at the sober living house until they can move back to their homes, as these facilities promote continuity of the themes learned in an inpatient facility. Therapy, AA meetings, and other activities continue to be a part of the patient’s daily routine.

These facilities will have rules that residents must follow. Sobriety is the primary rule, and these facilities drug test residents to ensure they follow this rule. Residents must adhere to regulations and curfews about the upkeep of the home.

Halfway house vs. a sober living facility

The terms are used interchangeably but can mean the same thing. Both are sober living facilities that house individuals who are not ready to live at home yet. However, the term halfway house has another meaning in the criminal justice community.

In the criminal justice and law enforcement community, a halfway house is a home that criminals report to after leaving jail. Select inmates qualify for living in a halfway house. These homes allow them to work during the day and report back to the halfway house at night. Some of these houses also require sobriety. A halfway house is the first step in parole for many inmates. After a successful transition to society, while living at the halfway house, the individual can transfer their parole to another address.

Use of insurance at sober living facilities

Unlike rehab facilities, sober living homes do not accept insurance. These homes must self-fund, so insurance is not an option. Residents pay rent to live in the house just as they would an apartment. That rent ranges from $400-750 monthly, more in areas with a higher cost of living. Your fees also depend on the amenities offered at home. Please contact our sober living Phoenix, AZ, for details on pricing.

For potential residents who can not afford the cost, speak to your facility about payment options. Any discounts or funding options are private. However, admissions directors can have additional information that is not public. Jobs are a requirement for facility residents, so consider that you will have an income for working to pay rent.

Length of time spent in a sober living facility

Time varies based on the needs of the individual. The low end of the scale is three months before moving back into their home. On the long end of the scale, a person can spend a year in a sober living facility. The individual and their therapist decide on when to end their time in the sober living house.

Set yourself up for success post-rehab. Contact Alliance Sober Homes to learn more about facilities for sober living in Phoenix, AZ.

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